Hey there, it’s Aurélien and Vincent , co-founders of Blindspot Games.

It’s February 2023 and we’ve recruited the last member of our team.

For over a year we’ve been working on prototyping our game, pitching to get funding, and thinking about the team we need to make our idea come to life.

Today, we’re happy to say that the essential items on our to-do list are all checked!

✅ Prototype done
✅ Funding secured
✅ Team complete

It is extremely important to us to offer a fun, respectful and healthy environment where the team can take ownership of the project and feel like they have an important part to play in our game making process, without compromising on their personal life. With that in mind, we chose to offer perks like a real 4 days work week, 5 weeks paid vacation, and health insurance from day one. Not because they’re nice buzzwords, but because we actually believe they make a difference in people’s productivity and mental health.

If there’s one thing to remember that is part of our core values and that is at the basis of our decisions regarding how we want to build our studio, it’s this. We hope we did a good job 😊

Let the fun begin!

As far as we can remember, we’ve always wanted to create something of our own. In September 2020, we had an idea that would translate well into a video game, and decided it was worth pursuing it.

At the time, we both had a stable job at Ubisoft working on AAA games. We worked on a prototype on our (limited) spare time, got a friend to help us with the visual aspects of the game, thought about how we would convince investors and players that our idea was a good one, and decided to participate in a pitch contest organized by La Guilde du Jeu Vidéo.

Mid-2021, we were among the Top 10 finalists of the pitch contest and decided to quit our jobs to work full-time on the project. We started meeting with publishers but realised it was hard to convince them with just a prototype so we switched gears and dedicated 100% of our time on working on a playable demo. We’re experienced, we’re motivated, we have time, what could go wrong?

Fast forward to the beginning of 2022: no job, our demo hasn’t convinced the publishers we met, our friend no longer works with us on the visuals, and we come face to face with the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees.

This is fine

The tide turned when we met with two key players who clearly changed the course of our journey:

  • The Indie Asylum who gave us precious advice on entrepreneurship, funding, negotiating, and introduced us to Montreal’s indie scene. We met incredibly supportive and helpful people who pushed us in the right direction.
  • An investor, who played our demo, saw potential in our idea and shared a passion for the universe we wanted to explore in our game. Our visions matched and soon enough they offered to financially back the project, while providing valuable business advice.

Mid-2022, we got accepted by the CMF (Canadian Media Fund) and signed with our investor . Our funds were secured and yet another task remained: building a team of people who were skilled and adventurous enough to join us.

It took us a while and there were quite a few challenges, but today we can finally say that we did it.

Navigating through the indie video game industry is a scary yet thrilling adventure. We believe that the people behind the games are as important as the games themselves and this blog aims to give you a behind the scenes look at the what, the how, and the why we do what we do.

The best way to keep in touch with us and get the latest news about our game is through our Discord.

A massive thank you to everyone involved in our journey, thanks to whom we’re here today. You know who you are. 😉